Three Ways To Ensure You Have A Productive Retreat

Retreats should be relaxing but productive, even if the productivity is only on the emotional or spiritual side of things. You should feel like you've gotten something out of the retreat that's more than just quiet time. This means you should go into the retreat with few worries on your mind and with a good idea of what to expect during your time there. If you're headed to a shamanic retreat in a city like Denver, you can do some advanced scouting to ensure your time there goes well.

Phones and Outside Distractions

Chances are you'll have a phone and others there will have phones, but it's good if there are some restrictions on the use of those phones. You have to be able to call out in case of emergency, so you definitely want a signal. But see if the retreat sets limits, such as turning phones off during the day and not bringing phones into any of the sessions. The same goes for other outside distractions such as electronic games or loud music played by other guests at the retreat.

Incense and Fragrance Allergies

Smelling incense or sage smoke is a real possibility at these retreats -- normally this would not be a problem, but if you have fragrance allergies or sensitivities, then that incense could make the entire retreat seem terrible. Find out if incense is normally burned. If it is and this is a private retreat, you can likely request an incense-free room. If sage is normally burned, find out if you can be away from the main group while that's going on. You're not the only one who has to worry about fragrance allergies, so don't be afraid to seek out retreats that can ease up on the odors and smoke.

High Altitude Reactions

Denver is called the Mile-High City, and you can get some mild altitude sickness there if you're not careful. Altitude sickness tends to be more of a thing at higher elevations instead of at 5,200 feet, but some people do feel the effects in Denver. You may want to ask about arriving a couple of days early to help you adjust before the retreat starts, or you may want to stop over in a city that is around 4,000 feet above sea level or so, just to make the transition more gradual. This can reduce the effects of high altitude.

The people running the retreat know that not everyone can handle the same physical circumstances, and they know that everyone is different. Call, find out what you need to know, and look for additional retreats if need be. There is one for you out there.

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