3 Ways To Seek Comfort In God

Are you going through a difficult time right now? Maybe you are having financial troubles, health issues, or relationship problems. Maybe you are mourning the death of a loved one. No matter what problem you are facing, you can seek God for comfort. He will help you through whatever trial you are facing. God created you, He loves you, and He truly cares for you. If you're not sure how to go about seeking comfort in God, here are three ways to do so.

1. Praying

Many people think that in order to pray, they need to use fancy words or have an entire ritual about how they pray. However, prayer is simply a conversation between you and God. The wonderful thing about praying to God is that you can come to Him just as you are and pour your heart out to Him. You can be totally honest with God without worrying that He will get upset with you.

When you pray, tell Him your problems and ask for guidance. God is always there, and He will always hear your prayer. You don't even have to be in a church or special place to pray. You can pray to Him when you're in your car, when you're in bed, or while you're taking a walk. You don't even have to pray aloud; you can simply pray from your heart.

2. Reading Scriptures

If you want God to speak to you, read the scriptures in the Bible. Even though several men wrote the Bible, they all wrote what God was telling them to write. That is why the Bible is often called God's word.

There are many scriptures in the Bible that offer comfort. If you're not sure what scriptures to read, go to the book of Psalms. Many of these scriptures were written by King David when he was going through very difficult times in life.

3. Attending Worship

If you are tempted to go through your trial all by yourself, you may need to force yourself to be around other people. One place to find comfort is a worship service. Here, you might have an opportunity to have people pray for you, or someone might have an encouraging word for you. They might even give you a hug to help you feel better.

You might also find comfort in the music that is played or a message that is given during the worship service. God does not want you to face your trial alone. Instead, He created people to comfort one another in their time of need.