The Power Lies In You: How To Have A Beneficial Plant Medicine Retreat

A plant medicine retreat can be an incredible way to connect with yourself and gain insight into your own life, persona, and experiences. For many, it is a spiritual journey as well as a mental health journey. A good guide or healer can help ensure you have a successful experience with plant medicine. But if you want to have a beneficial plant medicine retreat, then there are a few things you need to do and make sure of, too.

Follow the preparatory diet closely

At most plant medicine retreats, you will be given a list of foods to eat and foods to avoid in the days leading up to your experience. This list can be quite restrictive, and you may be tempted to cheat a little. Resist this urge. Eating foods that are not on your permitted list may cause you to feel a lot more nauseous as the plant medicine begins to work. You also make not get the full strength and benefit of the medication with certain foods in your system.

If you think you'll have a really hard time following a preparatory diet, then sign up for a retreat that has you stay on-site for a few days before you take the plant medicine. This way, your diet will be under the practitioners' control during this time; you won't have an opportunity to cheat.

Arrive in a good mental space, if possible

Most people seeking the help of plant medicine are doing so because they are struggling mentally in some way. So it may not be possible for you to show up to the retreat in a giddy, positively happy headspace. However, you should do your best to relax, put your mind at ease, and arrive in an open-minded, prepared state. Meditate, go for a hike, or do something that generally makes you feel more like yourself.

If you start your plant medicine session with a clear mind, you are likely to tune into more positive parts of yourself and get more out of the experience. If you're having trouble relaxing and putting your mind at ease before the session, let your healer know. They may have some strategies they can use to get you into a better mindset before you take the medicine.

The power to have a great plant medicine session lies within you. Follow the diet plan, and do your best to show up in a good mindset.