Three Things To Pray For At The Start Of The Week

If you experience a degree of comfort and confidence when you bow your head in prayer, there can be several good times to pray. While doing so nightly is popular for a lot of people, another option is to say a prayer at the start of the week. Upon offering up this prayer, you may feel better about going into a new week. There are all sorts of different things that you can pray for as your week gets underway. If you're having trouble with some ideas, consider these three topics.


Health is a popular topic to include in your prayers at any time, but this may be something to focus on at the start of certain weeks. For example, if you have a medical appointment during the week that will reveal the results of some testing that you did recently, you may wish to pray for your health. A lot of people feel anxious when they're about to learn the results of a medical test, but praying for good health may create feelings of calmness during this uncertain time. Think of your loved ones, too. For example, if someone is struggling with poor health, including them in your prayers can be nice.


Another topic that you may wish to include in your prayers for the week is protection. There are all sorts of different scenarios in which you may feel that you want to feel protected. A common example is when you'll be traveling during the week. If you're the type of person who always feels anxious when you fly in an airplane, and you have a week coming up in which you need to take a few flights, praying for protection may reduce some of your feelings of unease. Feeling more protected when you board each plane can help you to enjoy the process more.


If you're thinking about some things that you'll face during the week ahead, it may quickly become clear to you that you want to feel a sense of courage. Some people struggle with this feeling, however, which can be a good time to turn to prayer. Perhaps you have a big presentation coming up at work and you feel nervous about talking in front of a group. Praying for courage during this moment can have a positive effect on how you feel prior to the presentation and during it. Look online to learn more about praying for your week.