Ways To Find Comfort In Christ

Seekers of Christ are looking for the love that Christ has to offer. They are looking for salvation. They are also looking for comfort. This need to find Christ can come at various points in a person's life. However, it is not just the unsaved that can fall into the category of a seeker. In fact, there are many born-again Christians who find themselves seeking Christ and his comfort. Prayer is one of the most obvious ways to reach out to Christ. There are several other ways as well. Here are a few of the ways for Seekers of Christ to find comfort in Christ. 

Bible Journaling

Bible journaling works in several ways. The first is that it allows you to read through the word of God and the words of his son Christ. By reading through the words, and making notes, you can begin to unravel and see things in the word you did not before. The second thing Bible journaling does for Seekers of Christ is allowing you to focus on the word and the voice of Christ. You are not relying on anyone but yourself and the relationship with Christ that you are building through the journaling process. The third way Bible journaling can help a Seeker of Christ is by opening up their heart and mind to events in the Bible that the Seeker is facing today. 

Look for Christ

Looking for Christ may seem like common knowledge for someone seeking Christ. The truth is, many people who are seeking Christ are looking in the wrong places. They are trying to make Christ suddenly appear. They tend to look for some sort of miracle in their life or they demand Christ do something to prove that He is present. Instead, take a walk and begin to look for Christ. There is a faith idea that God is everywhere. If you lift a stone you will find Him. If you break a rod He is there. This means God and Christ are everywhere. You do not need to search. Simply look and begin to notice the comfort He offers around you. 

When you are facing times of struggle, emotional pain, and hardship, you know to seek Christ. Do not forget that you should also seek Christ when times are going well. Use the methods mentioned here to not only seek Christ out but to also keep Him as a facet of your daily life. Communication with Christ is the number one way to keep Him near you and to keep his comfort and love present in your life from day to day. 

For more information, contact a local organization of Seekers of Christ