Why Sign Up For An Online Bible Study Course?

The Bible is the most important book in a Christian's library. It's a sacred text that can help Christians understand God's word. Bible study courses can help Christians understand the Bible more fully. Here are some reasons to enroll in an online Bible study course:  1. Get motivated to read your Bible. All Christians should read their Bibles daily. The Bible serves as an instruction manual for life, offering advice, comfort, and correction. Read More 

Volunteering Through Prayer For A Few Minutes A Day

Many people have recently experienced major changes in their lives. If the loss or illness of loved ones and friends, changes in work status, or financial difficulties have left you depressed, volunteering through prayer is a powerful form of therapy. By helping and connecting with others, you can: relieve depression  transform anxiety into positive intentions and actions towards others  develop self-confidence  When your time is dedicated to the service of others, doors to spiritual development and new opportunities open. Read More 

Three Ways To Ensure You Have A Productive Retreat

Retreats should be relaxing but productive, even if the productivity is only on the emotional or spiritual side of things. You should feel like you've gotten something out of the retreat that's more than just quiet time. This means you should go into the retreat with few worries on your mind and with a good idea of what to expect during your time there. If you're headed to a shamanic retreat in a city like Denver, you can do some advanced scouting to ensure your time there goes well. Read More